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This section contains a list and links to recommended books, movies, music and videos for animal rescuers. Some are instructional and some are entertainment selections that may also resonate with the baby boomer generation. Please check back periodically for monthly picks from the best of the best.

Book Pick: A Dog’s Way Home
Song Pick: The House That Built Me
Movie Pick: My Dog Skip

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Animal Rescue Books, Movies, Music & Video Picks:


Marley and Me: Life With the World’s Worst Dog (John Grogan) Harper Collins Publishing 2008

Dog Songs: Poems (Mary Oliver) Penguin Publishing Group, 2015

Old Yeller (Fred Gipson) Harper Collins Publishing, 1956

The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein) Harper Collins 2008

A Dog’s Way Home – A Novel – (W. Bruce Cameron) MacMillan Publishing 2017

Being A Dog – Following The Dog Into A World Of Smell (Alexandra Horowitz) Google Books – 2016 


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Sarah Roemer) 2009

My Dog Skip (Frankie Muniz, Kevin Bacon, Diane Lane) 2000

Lady And The Tramp – 1955

Turner And Hooch – 1989

Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey – 1993

Lassie – 1994

Air Bud – 1997


Like My Dog (Billy Currington) 2010

Lassie Theme Song (The Sandpipers) 1957

I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens – 1967

Lobo – Me And You And A Dog Named Boo – 1973 (Official Video)

Blake Shelton – Ol’Red (Official Video) 2011


We will provide frequent links to YouTube that share heartwarming and sometimes funny videos of the animal world and animal rescue.

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“Give the gift of a forever home by welcoming a shelter pet into your family this Christmas. When you rescue a shelter pet, you rescue someone’s heart.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated our lives, I was rescued by a shelter dog named Leo. He was only a pup. Leo is now 11 and cannot run as he once did, but he loves as much as he ever did. He can no longer jump onto my bed, but he always jumps into my heart.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Your antidote to a blue mood. Enjoy.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“We grieve together. Dogs grieve alone.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“A cat with a GPS heart.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“You must always worry when your wife calls you a dirty dog.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“To determine who loves you the most, lock your wife and dog in your trunk for an hour. Then open it and discover who’s still happy to see you.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“The boy adopts his pup till the dog adopts his man.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“When the officer’s GPS freezes, the German Shepherd’s GPS goes into high gear.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Always remember the house that built you and the first dog that loved you.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Perhaps the Democratic and Republication Parties could learn something from watching this amazing video.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Begin your rescue today by rescuing a shelter animal tomorrow.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“ONENESS is all that matters.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Man rescues dog, dog rescues bird, bird rescues man and dog.” ~ Michael Groetsch

A follow-up to Monday’s post. The greatest true story ever told (“Hachi”) about bonding & loyalty between a man and his dog . As my wife and I watched this movie, even my dog Leo cried at the end. ~ Michael Groetsch

The movie “Hachi” (with Richard Gere) is based on a true story. It is powerful testimony that the bonds between humans and dogs are eternal. ~ Michael Groetsch

“The Oneness we achieve through animal rescue makes God smile.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“Such a sad and powerful follow-up to Monday’s post of the elephant and her dog.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“This is proof that animals have souls. What a powerful display of inter-species bonding.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“To my wife & children who lost their kitty, Georgie Girl, after 18 years. In his last days, he survived on your love alone. RIP Georgie Girl until we meet again in Rainbow Bridge.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“There is no ONENESS like that of Rainbow Bridge.” ~ Michael Groetsch

“If only our dog could speak to us, there is little doubt that this is what we would hear.” Michael Groetsch

“We love with our hearts while dogs love with their souls.” ~ Michael Groetsch