by Michael Groetsch

Born in San Francisco
Great depression ’31,
Fled to Southeast China
Family on the run.,
Killing of civilians
Nanking ’37,
Mentored by Confucius
No belief in heaven.
Then came WWII
That ended ’45,
Family feared the Japanese
Knew they had to hide,
Mao took control
Invasion ’49,
Henry fled Hong Kong late
Got out just in time.
Father was imprisoned
Mother took her life,
Soon began a life alone
Years of pain and strife,
Tried to join the army
Sometime in ’52,
To fight Mao’s brutal rule
And change a thing or two.
Was told that he couldn’t join
An illness others feared,
Sent him to a distant place
Where he lived for year,
Was released when finally cured
To find a better life,
Went to school got a job
Almost took a wife.
Henry lived so many years
He died at 87,
When I die I want to hear him say
Welcome to my heaven.