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STORIES by Michael Groetsch

For Bright Eyes: As we eat dinner at our favorite restaurant, my wife Barbara answers her cell phone. Her eyes and stilted speech suggest that something is wrong. I recognize the caller’s muffled voice from across the table. It is our son Justin. I listen intently and realize that he is calling about our cat, Bright Eyes. “Yes, Justin. Calm down. We’re leaving now. We’ll be home in a few minutes,” she reassures him. Read more

The Chihuahua’s Goat by Michael Groetsch is an award-winning and humorous true story staged in the 1950s about how his dog won a goat at a family picnic. Read more

“Love Story” is a moving and award winning story, authored by Michael Groetsch, that captures the loving and touching conversation between an elderly man and his dying wife as they share a final dinner together at a New Orleans restaurant. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

“The Last Train Ride is a heartfelt story by author Michael Groetsch, where the 83-year-old father of a childhood friend shares how his memory and life is quickly fading and that he is ready to take his last train ride. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

“The Kidnapping of Charlie Cotton” is an award-winning and inspiring story of author Michael Groetsch’s unique and heart-warming bond with an aging homeless man named Charlie that he once rescued from the streets of New Orleans. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

“Sweet Lorraine” – Author Michael Groetsch was asked by a terminally ill friend to assist him in writing a poetic letter to his wife before he passed. As he transcribed his friend’s feelings into words, he quickly realized that it was more than a letter. It became an award winning love story titled ‘Sweet Lorraine.’ Read more

Johnteen” is an award winning story authored by Michael Groetsch that shares the lives & thoughts of his father, sisters & brothers as they embraced his mother’s struggle and eventual passing from Ovarian cancer. Read more

“The Old Schoolhouse” is a touching and heartfelt story of a son and his aging father sharing memories as they walk through an abandoned schoolhouse that they both attended over a half-century ago. Read more

The Summer Cottage: With curious anticipation, I turn from Highway 90 onto North Beach Boulevard. A fruit vendor sitting near his pickup truck waves like we are old friends. The vendor is surrounded by the fruits of early summer. A pile of light green watermelons lay near the tailgate of his truck. Although we count ours lives in years, we seem to measure them in seasons. Read more

LETTERS & POETRY by Michael Groetsch

A Love Letter From My Dog, Leo

A Letter From Rainbow Bridge

A Letter To Gene

Let It Be

Night Chorus

Flight Plan

Perhaps A Little More

Southern Flight

Never Alone

Heaven’s Gate


A Living Will: Love, Music, and Morphine

Time Never Seems to Last

Mother and Son

We Danced

Leathered Beads And Flowered Cars

ANIMAL RESCUE QUOTES by Michael Groetsch

1. “We love with our hearts. Dogs love with their souls.”
2. “We love our dogs unconditionally. Our dogs love us habitually.”
3. “We grieve together. Dogs grieve alone.”
4. “The boy adopts the pup till the dog adopts the man.”
5. “Always remember the house that built you and the first dog that loved you.”
6. “Begin rescuing yourself today by rescuing a shelter pet tomorrow.”
7. “The ONENESS we achieve through animal rescue makes GOD smile.”
8. “When GOD looked at his name in a mirror HE created the DOG.”
9. “There is no ONENESS like Rainbow Bridge.”
10. “The best antidote for grief is to become ONE with a dog’s soul.”
11. “I once pondered if a dog had a soul until I escaped into those luminous eyes.”
12. “As we watched your tiny life fade so very slowly into the distance, your soul embraced the bliss of Rainbow Bridge.”
13. “When you rescue a shelter animal, you rescue your heart.”
14. “When I was young and saw a woman walking a dog, I could tell you everything about the woman and nothing about the dog. Now that I am old and see a woman walking a dog, I can tell you everything about the dog and nothing about the woman.”
15. “As I visit my garden this day, my eyes surrender to the life of an early spring. Delicate blossoms on an almost lifeless vine. The miniature world of bugs and tiny creatures that scurry within the gardens disheveled mud. Ducklings closely trailing their protective mother. Two squirrels frolic across a leafless tree. While I am not religious, I am very spiritual. Moments such as this always echo the presence of GOD.”
16. “My little kitten watched in utter awe as the tiny centipede scurried across the hardwood floor. Such simple moments as this are always an antidote to life’s chaotic hours.”
17. “As the moon emerges to the thunderous sounds of nature’s chorus, I shut my eyes and listen as the crickets, frogs and other nocturnal creatures summons the next sunrise.”
18. “As I quenched the thirst of my little garden this morning, I watched in awe as a tiny mosquito hawk hovered so very carefully above the water’s powerful stream. After several attempts, the delicate creature was able to sip the water’s edge without being crushed by its force. Such moments are the dividends of growing old. Moments gone unnoticed when I was young.”

GROWING OLDER QUOTES by Michael Groetsch

1. “Never lose your sense of spiritualistic oneness by becoming immersed within the subculture of cosmetic materialism.”
2. “The word Woodstock will forever echo our moments in time as free-spirited and long-haired hippies.”
3.  “When you yearn for memories that last, unearth the treasures of yesterday’s past.”
4.  “Growing old is not a choice, but in those years you’ll hear my voice, speak to you with love and grace, I’ll hold your hand, I’ll kiss your face.”
5.  “Share your soul today, so you won’t regret tomorrow.”
6.  “When you let your heart sing to your father, your souls dance a perpetual waltz.”
7.  “During our darkest moments in life, mothers are always there to lift us from the shadows of despair.”
8.  “Mothers are more than the wind beneath our wings. They are what rain is to a heavy drought and what sunshine is to a passing storm.”
9.  “The heartfelt and painful emotions for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s don’t seem unique until they are your own.”
10.  “Be patient, caring, loving and kind and you will be blessed with the most incredible bond.”
11. “We all too often project the future and miss the present. Never allow today’s passions to be lost within the shadows of tomorrow’s thoughts.”
12. “If you are a caregiver for an aging parent or loved one, consider walking and sharing with them the beauty of a sunset or peacefulness of nature. For that is why they were created.”
13. “While our memories may fade like a landscape beneath a heavy winter’s snow, true love endures even the coldest of nights.”
14. “Never lose yesterday’s memories within pursuit of tomorrow’s dreams.”
15. “Oneness is all that matters.”
16. “The greatest mystery in life is death.”
17. “Air is to the lungs is what love is to the heart.”
18. “A ton of gold buys less than a giving heart.”
19. “Each day of your life you fight for your emotional, physical and spiritual balance. That is particularly true as you age. Always remain proactive in those struggles. For that is how you will find peace.”
20. “Our life is not measured in how much we accumulate. It is measured in how much we have shared.”
21. “Living until the age of 80 means you are allotted 4160 Fridays in your life span at birth (80 years x52 weeks). When you reach the age 60, you have only 1060 Fridays left. Remember that next time you yell TGIF!”
22. “So very often the present travels into the future to repeat the past.”
23. “The totality of love is equal to the sum of its parts.”
24. “Growing old is not a choice, but in those years you will hear my voice, speak to you with loving grace, I’ll hold your hand, I’ll kiss your face.”
25. “When death do us part, our souls will share a single heart.”
26. “Oneness is all that matters.”
27. “While my wife and I are so very different, there is a sameness within our souls.”
28. “The heartfelt and painful emotions felt for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s doesn’t seem unique, until they are your own.”
29. “When I was just a child and sat to share a glass of lemonade in the hot sun with my Mom, she realized that there was only enough lemonade for a single glass and suddenly decided that she was no longer thirsty.”