Performance at Katrina Art of Animals

WHAT: Ellen B. Montgomery Katrina Art for Animals Opening Event to Benefit Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO)
WHEN: Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 6-9 pm
WHERE: Bert and Mina’s Antiquities at 4138 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 

ARNO would like to announce the Ellen B Montgomery Katrina Art for Animals Opening Event. Remembering the people who stayed during the storm with their pets . Please join ARNO’s no-kill shelter as we hold a fundraiser and adoption event Saturday August 29th at Bert and Mina’s Antiquities at 4138 Magazine from 6-9 pm on the Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina featuring the art of Ms Ellen. We will have a reading of her story at 7 pm with wine and snacks. Dan Rivers will perform including his song “I Can Still Hear the Music.” Ms. Ellen Memorial tiles will be available for a donation as well as her paintings and art.

Ms. Ellen Montgomery stayed with her 34 cats and would paint. She painted all different sizes and forms but she also collected shattered roof tiles from New Orleans homes in the weeks after Katrina and painted them. This amazing lady was featured in a memorable Chris Rose article. Chris Rose has kindly allowed us to use his article. After Ms Ellen’s death the family donated her art to ARNO. As we approach the Tenth Anniversary of Katrina we would like to focus on the unique bond between people and their pets. In memory and honor of them and the beloved Ms Ellen we are raising funds through the sale of Ms. Ellen’s art.

ARNO desperately needs your support to continue what we started almost 10 years ago on the corner of Felicity and Magazine (where we were initially bringing our rescues.). Right after Katrina a ragtag group of people began rescuing animals in a city devastated by a flood. As feeders and trappers in the field we heard story after story about why people stayed and why so many died. Others like Ms Ellen refused to leave their homes and their pets and formed a Resistance movement. Every animal we rescue is in honor and memory of these people and their pets as well as those who died. Charlotte Bass Lilly who was an animal first responder and local rescuer would lovingly take the reigns of this rescue effort to create the first regional no-kill shelter. Since March of 2006 when we started counting officially ARNO has rescued and rehomed almost 8,000 animals. Here’s to 8,000 more, but we need your help. Please save the date and tell your friends. For more information, visit