Michael Groetsch

Michael Groetsch graduated from the Department of Sociology at the University of New Orleans during the peak of the social revolution of the 1970s. Since that time, he has worked with children homes, anti-poverty programs, the homeless, the mentally ill, the elderly, domestic violence victims, and shelter rescue animals. After forty years of service counseling and advising families and individuals in crisis, he recently retired from Municipal Court in New Orleans. He is considered to be a national expert on the topic of domestic violence and batterers.

By literary standards, Mr. Groetsch is considered prolific. His eclectic writing skills have crossed over many genres that include fiction, creative non-fiction, editorial- social essays, poetry, documentaries and now music. During his writing career, he has published 2 books, thirty-five editorial essays and won fourteen literary awards that include an award-winning documentary on the topic of domestic violence. He is currently compiling a collection of twenty creative non-fiction short stories that will be published under the title of “We Only Kiss When We Dance.” Michael lives with his wife Barbara, his family, and his dog Leo in the New Orleans area.