A Letter to Gene

Dear Gene,

I know that your heart is breaking over the recent loss of Traveler and Coco. I cannot imagine your pain. I could only sense it from a distance as I read your posts. Perhaps the dream I had last night about you, Traveler, and Coco will place your tragedy in a beautiful perspective. To dream about someone I hardly know in such a profound way is truly amazing and seemingly has a purpose. I felt that I must share it with you to help sooth your pain. My dream was so very vivid and filled with bright colors, smiling faces and a sense of ONENESS.

I saw Traveler and Coco both running towards you from a distance. There was a narrow river surrounded by an endless green pasture. As they ran to greet you, there was no doubt that you were In Rainbow Bridge. You were with a gentleman with a brownish beard who helped carry a variety of colored flowers. He spoke to you gently and said, ” Go to them Gene, they have missed you so.” As you approached Traveler and Coco, they wagged their tails and began licking your face in excitement while placing their paws around your neck. You hugged them so and cried as the gentleman placed the flowers near the river where you stood. Following your loving embrace, you watched and smiled while Coco and Traveler wagged their tails and slowly walked back towards the pasture. You then held the hand of the gentleman and faded into the distance.

I find it extraordinary that I dreamed of someone I hardly know and of two pets that I have never met. But perhaps Gene, it was more then a dream. Perhaps it was a way of Traveler and Coco communicating just how much they love you.

God bless you. I am so very sorry for your loss.

~ Michael Groetsch