Going To Him

by Michael Groetsch

We walk into your room,
You’re no longer there,
Our eyes start to tear,
Its so much to bear,
Your pretty blue eyes,
Your blemish free face,
Your sweet gentle smile,
Always brightened the place.

You woke before dawn,
When needing our help,
Strolled with your walker,
Pure love that we felt,
Months would pass by,
Winter then Spring,
Cried in your sleep,
Weeping for him.

Prayed you could see,
Your husband again,
For seventy-one years,
Your lover and friend,
Gave you two daughters,
A house you called home,
He cared for you so,
Never alone.

Asked God to take you,
When you would pray,
Your soul became ONE,
It was his day,
Took your last breath,
Then a soft sigh,
Tear down your cheek,
Told us goodbye.