Love in a Clear Crystal Vase

by Michael Groetsch

It is times like today that reveal
The oneness of our lives together.
As we walk along the white sandy beach,
The feel of Justy’s little hands clutched tightly within ours
Cannot be adequately expressed in spoken words.
Such words would merely elude us upon their articulation.
But if I could capture this moment in written words,
They would always remain available
To remind us of the magic of this day.
A day in which our souls silently sang as one.

I watch so intently as Justy collects seashells
From along the sandy shore.
He examines them with childlike curiosity
As he pulls them from the water’s edge.
Appearing captivated by their presence,
He points out tiny markings on shimmering shells
That you and I would not have noticed.
Justy seems so mesmerized by such simplistic beauty.

As we continue our stroll along the sun-drenched shore,
My mind’s eye secretly takes a photograph
As Justy cups a jellyfish within his boyish hands.
After carefully inspecting its delicate structure
He gently places it back into the water,
Watching in awe as it propels back to sea
With the graceful motion of a ballerina.

Justy seemed to notice everything.
Gray and white seagulls gathering festive food.
Barnacles on beached hollow logs.
Tiny sailboats silhouetted by a setting sun.
I enjoy so much looking at the world through his brown eyes.
He helps remind me of beckoning beauty
That we frequently fail to see.
The true beauty of this day Barbara,
Is that I am able to share it with you and Justy
While nature nurtures our heightened spirits.

As we cross Beach Boulevard to the amusement park,
Justy runs to the small steam driven train
He has ridden so many times before.
We sit on the back seat as we always do.
He seems so content in knowing
The last car is always our special place.
Justy cuddles between us,
Hands resting on ours,
Allowing a jealous wind to caress our face.
My heart smiles as his brown hair blows softly in the evening breeze.
Our eyes speak in affectionate glances.
We suddenly sway sideways to the motion of the train’s circular path,
Feeling so very complete.

If only I could capture this magical moment
And place it into a clear crystal vase.
We could reflect upon it when life becomes too intrusive.
We could escape into it when life becomes too extreme.
We could gleefully gaze through the vase
Watching ourselves walking hand in hand
Whenever we wished to transcend back to a special time.
While I know that such is not possible,
I can preserve this moment with these written words,
Always remembering this precious day
As a moment in which our willing souls became one.