A Living Will: Love, Music, and Morphine

by Michael Groetsch

“A poem to the terminally ill who choose to fade away like a beautiful landscape beneath the first winter’s snow.”

I lie here with memories
Within the shadows of my life,
Surrounded by friends
My sons and loving wife,
I saw all the x-rays
I know what they mean,
Let me go softly
Love, music and morphine.

I don’t want pills and chemo
That only brings me pain,
Let my soul seek the light
When nothing’s left to gain,
Let my soul see the shore
Where loved ones wait for me,
Let me feel the ONENESS
Of what was meant to be.

Do not weep my friend
I’ll never go away,
I’ll wait for you with open arms
Near Heaven’s peaceful bay,
When it’s time for you to die
Fade within your dream,
Come to me in peaceful bliss
Love, music and morphine.