Leathered Beads And Flowered Cars

by Michael Groetsch


We marched the streets in protest

Denounced the Asian War,

Wore leathered beads across our necks

Painted flowers on our cars,

We always seemed to take a left

When signs pointed right,

Held sit-ins that seized the day

Love-ins through the night.


We grew our hair to our knees

Some didn’t wear a bra,

Magic brownies less than ten

Didn’t go too far,

We sat in groups of peaceful chants

To hide our heartfelt rage,

We walked and talked of love not war

In clouds of purple haze.


James Taylor shared sweet words with us

Cat Stevens did so too,

Carly Simon and Carole King

The Beatles and The Who.

We searched for peace within their songs

To numb the pain we saw,

We sang with them so very loud

Our songs became a roar.